Nest Protect configuration

From the documentation for Nest component:

Example configuration.yaml entry

username: USERNAME
password: PASSWORD

platform: nest

Docs need some updating to adjust for Nest Protect support. So instead of thermostat, what specific string goes there now? protect, nest protect, nest_protect, nestprotect?

And sensor configuration docs also needs some specificity:

platform: nest
- ‘temperature’
- ‘target’
- ‘humidity’
- ‘mode’
- ‘last_ip’
- ‘local_ip’
- ‘last_connection’
- ‘battery_level’
- ‘weather_condition’
- ‘weather_temperature’
- ‘weather_humidity’
- ‘wind_speed’
- ‘wind_direction’
- 'co_status’
- 'smoke_status’

there should be a condition list of just the valid ones for the Nest Protect, no?

I just answered my own question on another thread looking for the same info.

If you’re just using the Nest Protects, then omit the thermostat line and all monitored conditions but battery_level and the last two. When you restart HA, they will show up in the dev panel entities as sensors. Not sure if the Protect sends anything else but I am still testing.

What I still haven’t figured out is the available states for CO and Smoke; in normal conditions, the state is “OK” but there is no documentation about the other states; is it “Not OK”/“Some String” or an actual level value or…

Answered my own questions again! :laughing:

Looking at the code in git shows the states for Nest Protects are as follows:


So it is a string.

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So far no dice. Here’s what I have in config:

username: (redacted)
password: (redacted)

platform: nest
- ‘battery_level’
- ‘co_status’
- ‘smoke_status’

I get an invalid config for sensor nest & invalid list value at data monitored conditions…

Strange. The only time I got errors was when I tried to use any of the other monitored conditions. Otherwise it worked as soon as I removed the thermostat line. Do you have any other sensors? If so, you’ll have to add a number to your nest sensor. Your first sensor is sensor, next is sensor 2, sensor 3 and so on.

Sorry to pull up and all thread but I happen to be having the exact same issue as you are. I’m wondering if you ever got it working and if so how did you get it to work?

Are you not seeing the Protects? Be advised that there was a code change which caused them to show unknown for a bit but it was recently corrected by the PR which was merged to .33.2:

So you cannot pull data from the temp and humidity sensor in a protect?

They’re not exposed in the API as far as I know. The ‘temp’ sensor is actually just a heat sensor that detects sudden rises in temp only and the ‘humidity’ sensor is used only to reduce nuisance alarms caused by things like steam from your shower.

I think both are just used internally to reinforce the detection algorithms.


Thanks for the info.

One more question, can you pull the motion detection data from a protect?

I don’t see it in the API. Shame, it could be useful.

Hmm, I may submitt a pull request to add some info to the component pages, glad I didn’t get a protect yet.

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Is there any update on this?
For the moment, only 3 sensors pulled into HASS, but I would also like to have more info about my Nest Protect devices.

I see on that it is possible to get a lot more info than only battery_health, co_alarm_state and smoke_alarm_state.

It would be awesome if somebody could implement the other states also!



I too would be very interested in gaining more sensors from my Nest Protect. in particular motion detection, which is used for the build in ‘night light’. Having this trigger other lights would be great.


+1. Need this too!


+1 here as well. Found this thread on the nest community:

I’m in the process of switching from HomeBridge to Home Assistant. It appears that the current Nest Integration does not support motion detection, but whoever wrote the HomeBridge Nest module has figured out how to pull that sensor’s status.

Be aware that the nest api has been suspended and can’t be accessed via new users.

Google said there maybe a new one later this year

I configured mine within the last month.

i also did with badnest. till now only the battery, co and smoke is working. didn’t find how to read the motion as well.