Nest Protect - identify CO and Smoke sensor

I have used a combination of Homebridge and the homebridge-google-nest plugin to allow a Nest Protect detector to be accessible in Home Assistant. It appears that both sensors are available in Home Assistant. However, I cannot identify which is CO and which is smoke. In Homebridge itself, they are defined correctly and the only differences in settings values are the iid value.

This does not appear as a value in Home Assistant so i cannot tell which is which. Any ideas?

You can look at your Logbook for the Nest Protect entities you should have entries for 3 binary sensors and they will show one of the following:

  • XXX cleared (no smoke detected)
  • XXX cleared (no gas detected)
  • XXX detected occupancy or XXX cleared (no occupancy detected)

So you can identify the Smoke, CO, and Presence sensors.