Netatmo and Homekit Controller pairing code without iphone?

Hi, I would like to connect Netatmo weather station to home assistant using the Homekit Controller intergation. I Successfully connected the Netatmo thermostat/relay using the pairing code printed on the device itself.
But I have problem with the Weather station - I have older device which got the homekit support after OTA firmware update - so there is no QR code with pairing code. And from what I read on netatmo’s page Netatmo Helpcenter I can obtain the pairing key after registering the device using iPhone. And here comes the issue - I don’t have iPhone, nor anybody around me…
Is there any way how to get the homekit pairing code without physical iphone? I don’t want to buy iphone just for this :smiley: I am desperate so I am asking you guys if you know anything…

Thanks a lot.

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Hello, did you find a solution for this? Seems a big oversight on Netatmo’s part.

Unfortunatelly no. I just rely on cloud :confused: But nowdays I use Netatmo just as CO2 indicator out of curiosity and I wouldn’t buy Netatmo again (I bought it as standalone product before I started using HA and only after that tried to integrate it into HA)

I am much happier with locally connected thermometers (BLE/zigbee/dallas probes with ESP board) to actually control heating/cooling etc