Netatmo thermosstat climate.* not showing up - 0.97


with the newest version my netatmo thermostat climate devices are gone.
I only get this error:

Could not render template Valve WZ, the state is unknown.

Anyone else?

The error that you get is from a template sensor. Please check the actual entity it is based upon in the developer tools/states section. It should be named something like climate.netatmo_....

Yes, but I get this error because there are no netatmo climate entities any more.

Was able to fix it.

Before I had this:

  platform: netatmo
    - name: home1_name
        - room1_name
        - room2_name

and this worked for some months.

Now I changed it to:

  platform: netatmo

and all the entities are back.

Great. glad to hear that. I’ll check the manual config.

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