Netatmo webhooks requiring external access of HA instance?

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As far as i understand it, it is now required to have your Home Assistant instance exposed to the internet if you want to use the webhooks of the Netatmo integration. Which is further required if you want to be able to automate on movement detection of a person on a Presence camera. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

However, it also seems that only port 80 and 443 is supported… My problem is that i already have a webserver running here, which listens on port 80 and 443 hence i cannot use those ports to expose my instance. Does this mean that i cannot use webhooks with my Netatmo camera?

Hi Daniel,

That is spot on. Netatmo unfortunately does not allow other ports than those.

Other options are to use Nabu Casa for remote access and webhook exposure without the need to open ports to HA or use a reverse proxy to route the requests to different endpoints.

Thanks Tobi, haven’t been working on my HA installation for quite some time, so getting back to it i see a lot has changed. Will look into a reverse proxy!

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By enabling webhook for Netatmo you’ll also see a big improvement in responsiveness for most Netatmo devices (except the weather station).

Just wanted to pop in again and give the solution to my problem.

My particular scenario is that i have forwarded port 80/443 on my router to my local Synology NAS server, which has a webserver running on that specific port with multiple domains. So since all trafic on the required ports are being sent to the synology, all i had to do was to register a new subdomain which is directed to the same address as the main domain, but on the Synology NAS i would the use the reverse proxy functionality (Control Panel -> Application Portal -> Reverse Proxy) to just add a redirect from that hostname, to my Home Assistant ip address/hostname and port. And it works!

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Great. Thanks for sharing. This should help many others with similar setups.