Netmostat, how to connect to HA


Does anybody know or have experience on how to integrate Netmostat into home assistant?

This is the web site of the manufacturer:

It probably have other names/manufacturers. It is wifi enabled, connects to many services (see screenshot):

And, as far as I understand it also references itself as Tuya Smart (although, when I try to access tuya web site it does not recognize my credentials). Any ideas where to look?

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I did a quick investigation, found nothing, wrote an email asking for public API or integration with HA, but they did not reply yet.

I have sent them email as well, I also noticed that same thermostat is avaliable under few different names on the internet and it likely is Tuya compatible (it is advertised as Tuya, but there is zero information on how to enable Tuya compatibility mode).

I’ve just purchased one. Unfortunately the Tuya integration does not work with the Netmostat credentials (which is needed as per the user manual). The device listens on 6668/tcp using its own communication protocol. If I “cut” the device from the internet, it just keeps frozen. I’m afraid it does not want to work “smart” without its cloud provider.

The main processor is a TYWE3S, an ESP chip, so it is possible to flash in theory. Unfortunately, there is another chip that I’m not familiar with, so I’m not what it does.

Anyone had any luck with this? I have a netmostat and would like to automate some things.