Network connection

I’m new to HomeAssistant (HA). After much struggled I’ve finally brought up ‘haos_generic-x86-64-9.2.img’ in a kvm guest. I need to setup an IP address to the HA for a browser. Can someone help?

I’m not sure what a “kvm guest” is, but I just set up a permanent DHCP lease for Home Assistant in my router.

Some routers call it fixed or static IP, but it is a permanent lease of the IP address.

KVM guest is a linux virtual machine. My HA is running as a virtual machine on my linux server. I have several KVM guests running (including this HA). All the machines are getting the DHCP lease except this HA.

I’ve just enter a command on the HA
ha > network info
interface: hassio
host_interface: false
interfaces: [ ]
supervisor_internet: false

BTW: how do I shutdown the HA at the console (cli)

I don’t run anything in a virtual environment- One Intel NUC running the Home Assistant OS image. The same one you loaded. This image is running in a container, but I don’t know which one, nor do I care. Could a container in a virtual environment be hiding the IP?

ha host help shows what host related commands are available.
ha host reboot will reboot the host.

I changed the virtual networking hw on my vm. By trial-n-error, I’ve managed to get the HA network up and running. It’s getting DHCP lease from my server and I’m able to access the HA on my browser. I’ve also figured out how to shutdown the host in the supervisor CLI (host shutdown)
Thank you away for your help.


What was your solution to resolving your KVM issue? I know you said trial and error, but this will help others out that are having the same issues and searching for help.

Can you post an update in your reply?

No need for guesswork. Try the guide below for KVM setup.