Network laggy, strange routes + wrong state


I’m deciding om whether or not to switch from HomeSeer to HomeAssistant. Many of my devices are ZWave+ (Fibaro dimmer 2, double relay), some are still non +.

The + devices are nearest to the controller. Without adding the non + devices, my network behaves as expected. When I add the non + devices, all traffic seems to be routed via the most distinct non+ device, while according to the neighbour information there is a direct link via the controller or an other Zwave+ device.

Result is that when i toggle a group containing 3 (or even 2) devices, some of them don’t change physical state. So my fibaro dimmer 2 is reported to have switched off, while it is still on. Best case scenario is that they actually change state after a delay of multiple seconds. You can imagine this is very annoying, especially since I haven’t experienced this behavior on HomeSeer.

What can I do to make my network more mesh like (so not all traffic via the most distinct node), and how can I make sure the Zwave+ devices get a higher priority ? I think this should solve the issue where lights react very slow (delay), or are reported wrongly in the UI when muliple devices are changed at the same time.

Howcome the fibaro dimmers (which report state on change) have the wrong state in HA when the command seems to fail/timeout ?

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