Neverending Presence issues


Ever since I started using HA, about a month ago, I haven’t managed to make presence at home fully opeartional. The biggest problem is that my phone’s device tracker, using GPS, just not working. No matter where I am my person is always “At Home” state. Looking back at the history chart, I see it never changed. I tried removing the HA app from my phone and then reinstall it, and doing the same with the mobile app inegration on HA itself. Non of that made any change.

I also noticed recently that when I’m progarming new automations on the UI, using zone as trigger or condition, I don’t get my person entity as part of the entities option list, as used to before. But my person entity still available.

WTF is going on here?
Any ideas?

Forget about person for the moment, what about the actual device_tracker entity created by the companion app? Go to dev tools, find the entity, then see if that state changes.

No. It havn’t chaged even one singal time.

I‘ve made the experience that only using Nabu Casa and the HA-app on all devices really works reliable. Apps like OwnTrack have been extremely unreliable for me.

I’m using Life360 without any issues

Life360 earned a shitstorm for selling your location data (including children data) to third parties a few weeks ago.
I would stay away from using it!!

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Fully agree!

There is now an “Opt Out” which is frustrating as it SHOULD be opt in, not out!

Once bitten, twice shy.
I would never trust such a company again…
But that’s just my 2 cents,

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Follow the steps laid out in the troubleshooting section, if the problem still isn’t fixed please post the log from the companion app.

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Found a fix meanwhile? :slight_smile:

start with the link directly above your post, if issue still exists keep reading the same section and look at the logs

Probably Troubleshooting | Home Assistant Companion Docs is the right chapter in this huge section.

the above link was correct but the anchor has since changed so the page scrolled up to the top.