New bie install homeassistant on intel nuc only network if keyboard and monitor connected

Hi, this is my first attempt to install homeassistant on a intel nuc (celeron)

I installed it following the instructions on the ha website. Used etcher to get the image on a ssd in the nuc.

When i connect it to the network via utp cable and have a wireless mouse and keyboard connected and a monitor it shows in the network and I can go to the dashboard on a ipad by using https://ipadres:8123

however as soon as i disconnect and put the nuc in a place and have it only connected with utp cable and nothing else it doesn’t show in the network.

Only thing I did to fix was set a fixed ipadress. but this does not help.

Searching didn’t give me a solution
anyone any idea ?

thanks J

Search google for
Nuc does not boot without monitor
E.g :

Hello Francis,

thanks for the link, so the only option I see is to get a dummy plug, ordered one right away should arrive tomorrow !

So it took some time, and a 2nd hdmi dummy, but just to report it is running and it boots now without a monitor attached.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

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