New building Hardware suggestions (swiss)

Hello together,

Im new in the forum and happy to introduce my self.
We live in Liechtenstein (Small country on Europe but with swiss standards) and start to build our own house. For this i also started to investigate a Smart Home System. For me as a software engineer and also as as s DYI-Person, only a Home assistant will be a Option. Till now i have no Experiences in any kind of smart home systems but happy to learn :-).

I plan to purchase a Home Assistant Yellow - already now to learn and as a starting point. The Building will be in 3 Floors.

As we build a new building from scratch - for me it is important to know what kind of technology i should choose to let the electrician built in (When i ask them to install a Smart home system, they only Propose KNX - this is in my point of view too expensive and i do not like closed Systems). I do not know exactly what kind of options we have in Switzerland - But i checked till now the Feller Zeptrion - But also this seems a quite expensive option. So what about Feller standard switch and Shellys at every actuator(is this really the best, also from cost point of view - the best option? ).

As i already wrote, i’m happy to learn and it would be a huge benefit for me if you can give me your advises.

thanks in advance


I’m only starting with HA too. I decided to go with Zigbee currently. the “smart” stuff from Ikea is built with Zigbee, is available here in switzerland and is HA compatible. Unfortunately, Shelly doesn’t provide a Zigbee option - but as we have a 1970 flat, the space with the switches is very limited and even the small shelly wouldn’t fit.

I personally look forward to Matter Wifi/Thread devices. There are so many competing standards out there. You never know for sure if something is compatible. Also for a low-power mesh like Matter Thread you need enough router devices (= not battery powered) to get enough and good network coverage.