New custom component : ZiGate


I have setup a tradfri buble with success but I’m not able to run smooth transition from different intensity level using scene.
I would like to change from 80 to 20% when I start a movie like here :
But the light change instantly.


Good to know, hopefully it is implemented soon :slight_smile:


How is ZiGate on HA better than the Xiaomi Gateway? Is it just a privacy issue, or is ZiGate also providing better range and reliability?


It’s providing better stability (xiaomi used to push update to the gateway that broke the integration with HA). It’s also compatible with much more than Xiaomi device:


as far as I know zigate/HASS doesn’t support polling devices yet.


Zigate can do it but not written in HASS.


Hi all, have been considering the ZiGate for some time, hope some can help me with my questions:

  • how do you all do the firmware updates? For instance for Ikea Tradfri, Xiaomi, … do you have a hub for each ‘brand’ to do the firmware updates, or just use what’s installed in the box and ignore updates?

  • Regarding the USB version versus usb+wifi version, is the wifi version handy for pairing? Do you leave it plugged into usb when not pairing?

  • given that there’s no linux/mac support as of yet, do you need this for a fairly standard setup, or is this only for debugging new types of lamps etc?


I’m only using it for osram plugs as it’s is lacking some features. (handling wifi reconnection, polling devices)
For all my xiaomi/aqara devices I use the xiaomi gateway.


1/ ignore update but do zigate update
2/ i have USB and happy with it
3/ zigate works with many home automation system and many of them use linux.( i use hass on docker on linux )

  1. What does it means? That you ignore the firmware update of the bulbe and just update the zigate component? Or maybe that the zigate can allow also the update of every hardware?


i very doubt so


Me too. So we need somehow the hub to keep firmware up to date (for security reason or new functionalities).


Well, that’s the same for any other generic hub or zigbee (and probably zwave) stick. Pushing updates through zigate should be possible from a technical standpoint, the biggest challenge is probably how to get the firmware updates?


I personally tried to update the Zigate itself, the updated worked but I could not communicate with my device anymore so I reverted it.

Update for bulb or other device have a very low prio for me. They usually don’t bring anything really useful and the security stand point is surely useful for public building or company building, less for my kitchen lamp (it’s of course different for any lock, camera, etc…)

The focus should probably be on integrating more component, extending the documentation and integrate one first stable version in Home-Assistant stable branch.


I’m not sure what you meant by that, but the zigate and zigate component for hass work just fine with linux (didn’t try on mac).
It’s only a USB/Serial bridge, so no special driver are required.
I use it on a ubuntu server with hass running in a docker container (the container is based on Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie))


Yes maybe I wasn’t clear enough, I’m aware that HA can be run on linux and that zigate works with HA, it’s just that the debugging info on the zigate site seemed to be windows-only. If everything works out of the box that’s of course not an issue.


Ok I see what you’re talking about. This debugging tool is not really necessary, if you were to modify the firmware of the zigate it might be, but not really to develop the python library or the home-assistant integration.

All device information, route discovery, etc. can be called through the python library.


Thank you for the reply!


I found a interesting project on github and decided to post it here since looks similar to ZiGate, but much cheaper :slight_smile:

What do you think about that? I have ordered whole set from aliexpress. Looks promising, and according to docs process of learning new devices and commands should be straight forward.
Maybe it is worth of opening a new thread. Anyone interested?


I have just found a related topic on forum:


Finally I’ve found some time to test this:
So for my aqara wall switch with fire line I can only use endpoint 01 and 02.

If I want the state reported in HA (turn the light on from the switch) I have to use this config:

  - platform: zigate
    name: 'Cuisine central'
    address: "84c301"
    default_state: 'state'
    type: 'toggle'
  - platform: zigate
    name: 'Cuisine table'
    address: "84c302" 
    default_state: 'state'
    type: 'toggle'

When I saw the state changing in HA I was happy but, because there’s a but.
Now when I turn OFF the switch from HA, it turns the light off but HA reset the state to ON.
Then I’m not able to control light from HA anymore because HA can only turn light OFF because it consider light is ON and I’m using a toggle.


Any help would be really appreciate here, I’ve 4 more switches in a box and would love to use them but in this state the WAF is very low.