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When we launched the website in December 2014, we’ve only had a handful of components and usage instructions. Since then the website has grown to over a 1000 pages touching a wide range of topics. The growth, while great, also has put a lot of strain on how the docs are organised. One of the places that was especially suffering under the growth was the developer section. It was living under a single top menu item and had to contain everything in a single sidebar.

To fix this, we’re releasing a new website: The website is aimed at people that are developing Home Assistant. It will contain resources how to setup your development environment, how to fix bugs, help with translations or improve the frontend. The main website will now solely be focused on Home Assistant users.

Go check it out and let us know what you think:


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6 Likes How to add integrations is 404. Other then that, nice idea. Always was a maze for me.

Fixed the link!

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Some links to the GitHub page for Home Assistant might be useful in that odd occasion that this is the first page found.

Good idea! Added.

Curious to know if the site is built on Jekyll and if so, which theme has been chosen? I need to build a similar site for documenting our audio system setup at our church.

We’re using Docusaurus. It is a static website generator like Jekyll.

Hi, would be nice to add a link to the bold words like Architecture, Frontend, Backend, Misc in the first page.
It took me a while to find the links at the top right.

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I would like to add more examples to the Creating Platforms sections, covering registering services, advanced schema, and tests best practice. Is there a feature request list for this dev website?

Yeah, as @robmarkcole says, a few well-explained examples is what’s lacking IMO. The docs obviously make sense to those ‘in the know’ but not so good as an entry point.

Excellent step in the right direction though :+1:

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Great that there is a dedicated site… now to fill it with some amazing content!

I would like to see an introductory page that distinguishes setup and setup_platform. In all the reading I’ve seen bits but have not ever been able to really figure out the difference.

I’d be happy to help once I get some more of the concepts figured out.

BTW, myself and @BioSehnsucht are working on integrating the ElkM1 alarm/automation panel. It has been a fun journey. My involvement has been on the integration library versus the Home Assistant integration.

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Are you planning to use Docusaurus for the main Home Assistant site?

No. We have some other requirements and should be able to customize the theme more.

I’ve another suggestion: section on recommended approach for performing common tasks, such as handling 401 errors