New DIY Smart Home Youtube Channel (, NodeRED, ESP8266 + Arduino)

Hey All,
Just wanted to let everyone know about my new YouTube channel: The Smart Home Hook Up. The channel will be focused on DIY home automation products using Hassio, NodeRED and ESP8266 based devices. I plan on releasing a video every week with a new project.

Current Videos:
Intro to microcontroller use (nodemcu)
NodeRED Hassio watchdog
$5 MQTT wireless window sensors
Sonoff Tasmota Hidden Features

Upcoming Videos:
Hacking Old Roombas to make them smarter
$10 Pentair pool/spa automation
$65 Smart Shades

I’ve been using home assistant for 5 months now and love it. I’m looking forward to contributing to and interacting with this community!


Thanks for the share and very nice the window sensor :wink:

Thanks, I’m already subscribed!
Looking forward to the next video. More on Node-red if you can, I’m still unable to get this working properly.

Already subscribed mate … nice channel , love the content.