New Hassio wifi setup problem on Pi Zero

Hi Everyone,

I managed to install hassio yesterday on a Pi Zero (it took a while to boot up at first but it got there in the end). I connected it via LAN to my router and was able to connect after several failed attempts with chrome (tried Opera, voila!) and install a few addons (config, samba…).

I thought I would take the next step today and install the wifi config from USB.

I formatted a stick with FAT32 and labelled it “CONFIG”

I created a folder “network” and a file “my-network” within it.

All pretty familiar stuff so far eh.

With notepad++ I copied the file from here:


added my SSID and password then saved it without a file type.

After plugging it in to the Pi Zero via USB OTG I powered it up and waited…

The router setup page displayed only my PC as connected, nothing else.

I followed the link for a UUID, created one, copy pasted it into the file, tried again. Nothing. Changed the routers wifi from AES to WPA, nothing.

Tried LAN to see if anything was going on, nothing on that either now (IP address:8123)!

The file is as follows:


# Uncomment below if your SSID is not broadcasted




I really don’t know what else to try apart from reflashing the sd card and starting again. Will this change anything? I have my doubts.

I really hope I’ve missed something obvious but can’t see it.

Any pointers will be gratefully received.



(Sorry if the post is long winded, I wanted to try and explain everything I had done!)

I can’t help you here, but I never found the Pi ZeroW to be very stable. Mine would periodically drop of the network. I also think its a bit thin on resources to run HA.

Thanks for the input, if possible I would still like to give it a try. I don’t think it has had a chance to drop off the network yet as the network won’t even install!

In my instance I am looking to use HA for very basic needs, not for my home. It won’t matter if the response time is a little laggy (or quite a lot!).

The plan is to keep it as simple and bare-boned as possible. Once this mission is accomplished, I will have a touch more knowledge and probably get a Pi 3b+ of my own for home but, baby steps!


I am confusingly having the same issue, still.
the config file was correctly copied to the overlay/root fs but it still won’t boot and connect…

I might have too get some adapters to check what is going on, on a display.