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Hello everyone, I have been using HA for a while but not to its full ability. Havent set up a theme or custom cards or anything besides just adding my wifi devices and the few zigbee or zwave stuff I have. And since I am moving to a new home soon, I want to start doing more and customizing everything to be a full blown home assistant for me.

What I am in the process of doing is learning the ins and outs of the yaml files and I have a few questions.

I set up an includes directory and as I added domains, pointed the config yaml to that dir and the file. I noticed though that the automations.yaml isnt playing well. I moved it to the include dir, named it automations.yaml and saved it. For some reason then a second one popped back in my standard directory. I did delete it but either way I am still receiving the same error when editing on the web gui. It states that only automation in the automation’s yaml are editable. Is there a way to point the gui to the right file?

I do have the conf yaml pointing to it though

automation: !include includes/automations.yaml

Not really sure what to do with that but hope someone can help.

My other question is about groups, for some reason I can’t really test right now since HA is not seeing my lifx lights or my wemo switches despite being connected and powered. But I tried making groups of lights for areas in the hopes I could have one dimmer slider to control everything then with the drop down to select individual lights. Is groups the way to do that? Since I cant check at the moment I was hoping someone could answer for me. Side question, for light switches like wemo, the domain is switch for some and light for others. I tried doing a group for switch and received errors, saying its not a valid domain, and this is when I add to my switch.yaml

(in the config yaml)

switch: !include includes/switch.yaml

(this is in the switch.yaml)

  • platform: group
    name: Front Yard
    • switch.front_lights

As I said this is all new to me and I am just going off inspiration from the forums or this subreddit so any tips or cool cards to help me out I would love some info on it.


It’s my understanding that the Automation Editor works exclusively with a single automation.yaml file in the main directory.

What you want is a Light Group which is different from a Group.


Taras is spot on (on both counts), the editor only works with one file. You can’t have UI editable automations anywhere else.

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Thanks! Ill move the automations back but as for the light groups, thats exactly what I am doing, I guess I need a card?

I saw a card on the subreddit from a while ago that had numerous rooms(groups?) on one card with a slider for each room and a dropdown also. Click the dropdown and all the lights in the room show up. Was looking for something like that, just not sure if its a lovelace addon or an option through the ui

Probably a custom card because it sounds like nothing I am familiar with in the standard set of cards.

Youre probably right, trying to look through the github now for all that. Posted it if you wanted to take a look.

The file you want to be looking at is this one:

It uses several custom cards such as auto-entities, fold-entity-row, slider-entity-row, etc. It also refers to lights that have been defined as a Light Group. We can know that by examining this file:

I can see that at least two custom cards are used to create what you described. It refers to the Light Group as well as each member of the Light Group.

  - entities:
    - entities:
      - light.sphere_1
      - light.sphere_2
      - light.corner_living_room
      - light.ceiling_living_room
      - light.tv_led
      - entity: script.cozy_lights_living_room
        icon_height: 20px
        name: Cozy lights
        show_icon: false
        show_name: true
          action: call-service
          service: script.cozy_lights_living_room
      - entity: script.white_lights_living_room
        icon_height: 20px
        name: White lights
        show_icon: false
        show_name: true
          action: call-service
          service: script.white_lights_living_room
        color_picker: true
        entity: light.living_room_lights
        name: Living
        type: custom:slider-entity-row
      type: custom:fold-entity-row
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Wow thank you! I gotta look into it all more since its all really new to me. Seems like this person also converted to the lovelace-ui yaml. Going to be a huge test for me. Going to need something like that once I move. Really would like to stay away from Control4 and doing this will help.

You’re not obliged to using Lovelace YAML mode to achieve the things you want to do. The UI based editor let’s you toggle between working in graphics mode and text mode (YAML). I found it very handy recently when I needed to create a vertical stack containing a conditional card that also contained another vertical stack containing yet another conditional card. This kind of nesting can be difficult to compose as YAML text (i.e. get all the indentation correct on the first try).

cool, lot for me to learn to make the ui nice and clean. itll take a while so thats good

Thanks for the help again, was able to set it up! Have other issues and other things i want to find now but thanks!

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