New House, Mesh Help

So I’ve been working with HA past year or so and had to move. In the new house there’s a mesh system set-up (Tp-Link) how do i bring that into HA and access all those devices connected to that mesh system?

Not sure what you mean. As far as HA is concerned, mine works exactly like normal wi-fi.

So like we have AT&T Fiber. The Pi is connected via Ethernet to the box and then an additional TP link is connected via ethernet to the box. Throughout the house are other TP-Link mesh boxes. Can i acces thema nd the devices on that?

Mine is not TP-Link, but the principle should be the same. (There’s an article about it here.)

The point is to create a single wi-fi network with a strong signal throughout the home, but it’s all automatic. HA will just connect to wi-fi devices in the normal way - you don’t have to connect to the nodes themselves.

I believe there’s a TP-Link mesh system (the Deco M9 Plus) which has a Zigbee smart hub built in, but that’s above my pay grade. There doesn’t seem to be a HA integration. If you haven’t got one of those, carry on as before.

In order to be on the same IP subnet, yYour Pi most likely needs to be connected to one of the TP-Link access points (AP). Do any of the AP’s have an ethernet connector. If so, connect the cable from your Pi to that AP.

True, that’s my setup. My access points all have a single ethernet connector, but you can add a switch to give you more.