New iCloud integration


With HA 0.104, I switched from the iCloud yaml integration to the native one.

When I was using the yaml integration, I have two-factor authentication turn on, and contrary to what the documentation says, it works perfectly (doc says: “2 Factor Authentication is the improved version of 2 Step Authentication and is still not supported by the pyicloud library. Therefore it’s not possible to use it with the device_tracker yet.”, but it was working fine, home state and battery graph were ok).

So I try to the switch to the new native integration. No issue with configuration (SMS), info were up-to-date after the config but nothing change after that, for example battery graph is totally flat (on many days).

I would like to know what really change between the 2 different integration, I’m pretty sure that it’s 2 factor which is on on my account and not 2 step, and of course I’m sure that it was working with the yaml method.

Thanks in advance!