New install hasbian, full disk after a few days


I had lots of problems with my installation after trying to instsall ESPHome.

At the end I decided to start al over.

Now everytime I reinstall, after a couple of days the database is so full I can’t do anything anymore. The disk is completely full !

After I did the install, I only installed the found components (Hue and Fritzbox router).

What do I do wrong ?

There was a bug in one of the images, download the latest image and try again.

Thanx for that tip, did not know that.
Will download the last one right away.


I did a new install ver 93.0 yesterday, but still my home-assistant_v2 file is growing about 30 Mb a day.
I only intalled the components that where found bij HASS (FritzBox and Hue)

I think the FritzBox generates a lot of data, any way to not record that ?

Kind regards

Look at the recording component and edit your config

I’m a bit of a newbee, how and where do I do that ?

Look for ‘exclude’ here:

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