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How to create Lovelace card restrictions. Can be applied to entire cards or specific entities inside the card. You can also set user exclusions from needing to enter a PIN or click OK on the confirmation box.

How to create local Home Assistant backups using the Samba Share addon. Also includes a Lovelace backup status card, a button card to trigger the manual backup, and notification automation.

Find MDI icons much faster and easier!

Open your self-hosted apps and services from within Home Assistant using iFrame panels!

Get notified whenever your garage door status changes to Open, Closed, Opening, or Closing! Super useful if you open it remotely and aren’t 100% sure if it toggled correctly. Some users report that MyQ doesn’t always update in Lovelace, but with this automation - you can be sure it has.

How to split up your configuration.yaml file to cleanup and organize your code:

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to setup your Home Energy dashboard, using data pulled in from my Smart Meter Texas energy provider. Note that even though I can get my energy usage for free from SMT, you can still follow this guide to set up your dashboard with your own provider or device.

Add MagicHome LED Light strip controller to Home Assistant using the FLUX integration in just 5 lines of code. No flashing soldering necessary!

Pair your Sengled RGB Zigbee bulbs to Home Assistant in seconds! I also used Frenck’s blueprint with an Ikea 5-button remote to change the bulb colors.

Add an “Upcoming Football Game” Card to Lovelace. Displays the next game time, opponent, and will display the score when the game is currently playing.

How To Setup Google calendar Event Reminders in Home Assistant (i.e. - get notified 1 hour before gametime):

Setup NFC Tags in Home Assistant + 8 cool NFC tag ideas!

Setup Dual Gauge cards in Lovelace to display stats from 2 devices in a single card:

How to setup animated backgrounds in Home Assistant / use custom background videos:

How to add the Season sensor and use it to automatically change your animated background based on the current season!

How to Create a Days Until / Countdown Until Event Sensor:

Install a Home Assistant Taskbar Menu to control entities, run scripts, receive persistent notifications, or keybind automation shortcuts - all from your Windows desktop or keyboard!

Monitor all of your domains’ SSL certificates and display them in a Lovelace dashboard!

How to install the Mail and Packages integration in Home Assistant to view shipment & delivery statuses on a Lovelace card: