New meter broke Energy Usage in dashboard

TL;DR: I had to have the meter changed, and now I only get “energy usage” in the dashboard for an hour per day, and wrong values.

I’ve been using the Energy Dashboard for a while now (over a year or so), and a smart meter so I could use its IR interface to read the relevant values (current usage, energy in and out for solar). I integrated the energy in and out values into the energy dashboard; the reader didn’t send the required fields so I added “state_class” (total_increasing) and “native_unit_of_measurement” (kWh) via a Node Red flow. Everything worked fine.

Now the meter started to give wrong readings - in the 10^12 kWh range - then finally ceased sending entirely. I contacted the electricty company in charge of the meter, and they swapped the device; now the data coming in is correct again.

But, I realized that now the energy dashboard does not correctly show incoming or outgoing kWh values anymore. The incoming is missing entirely, and the outgoing shows up once a day at 11 o’clock, with a wrong value for the day.

The two issues I suspect may have thrown it off are a) the excessive values that came in for some time, but that had gone to 0 for a good while in between; or b) the fact that the new meter started at 0 for both in and out again.

Any idea how I can fix it? Again, it was working before.
I did already remove and readd the entities from the dashboard.
I checked the Node Red flow, but that was working before after all.