New Pushover Integration UI in HASS 2022.9.2

HASS is telling me that it has imported my pushover configuration from yaml to the UI and i should remove my YAML config.

Looking at integrations, I do see pushover, but how do I see how it is configured? I cannot run a re-configure or see the current config.

  • Is there a way to see this?
  • how do i add new notification endpoints if I cannot see the configuration?
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You don’t really need to see it. Unless you were one of the people like me that had multiple instances it just works. I’m pretty sure it just grabbed the first Pushover instance it saw in my yaml. See here about multiple instances. Pushover GUI configuration allows only one instance · Issue #77852 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

If instead you mean devices as endpoints that can be set like below.

service: notify.pushover
  message: This is the message for Moto G stylus
  target: motogstylus
service: notify.pushover
  message: This is the message for motoe5 and motogstylus
  target: [motoe5, motogstylus]

Check Pushover: API For other attributes. When you log in you can also see the names of devices. I also upload sounds that can be specified. medicine is an audio file I uploaded to Pushover.

service: notify.pushover
  message: Did you take your medicine?
    priority: 2
    retry: 60
    expire: 3600
    sound: medicine

It’s in the “core.config_entries” file in your /config/.storage/ directory.

Thank you. this was helpful, but it would still be good to be able to see the data in the UI since that is the only way to manage it now. Am I the only one who feels that way?

if I need to reconfigure it, I have to delete now and reconfigure from scratch?

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I agree with @korey_sed. If the integration was moved to the UI leads me to believe I should be able to see the current value and change them if needed.

So what was the reason to remove it from the configuration.yaml file?

And as @giqcass provided there is no way to have more than one Pushover Name.

They’re trying to make it easier for those not willing or able to use yaml and there’s a pull request to add multiple instances to the new integration.

This can’t be the solution. It’s supposed to be configured in the UI, but isn’t, so you’ve got to edit a hidden config yaml file instead? This has just made things more complicated.

It’s a temporary solution. I would recommend you fall back to yaml until it’s updated. It sounds as though we will have an updated version very soon.

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Hello! After installing the new update i can not find the pushover configuration.My /config/.storage directory does not in include anything from the config. Also my pushover messages are still working. But … where is the configuration? There is also an issue open for this: Pushover fails after migration 2022.9 · Issue #78634 · home-assistant/core · GitHub. ???

SO I have added two different pushover integrations for me and my wife. How do I choose which one I send to, I cannot find the entity_id

look in the dev tools->services tab for the notification service for the pushover accounts