New Repository in HACS gets "dismissed" just by reading about them

I noticed that lately when a new Integration is available in HACS and I select it to read more about it - once I “go back” - i.e return to the HACS integration page the new integration disappear from the list of highlighed new integrations.
I believe this is different than how it was in the past where you actually had to press the DISMISS link in the lower left corner to remove it from the list of New Repository list.
I find the new approach confusing and not desirable as I sometimes like to keep New Repository marked as New Repositories until I actively “Dismiss” them.
In other words - if a new integration is interesting but I’m not ready to install it and spend time configuring it - I would like it to remain as a new integration until I install it or deliberately dismiss it.
Are these late changes intentionally ? Or is it a bug?

Have ever find a solution for this? I’m having a same issue.