New Sonoff zigbee device

Shit could get interesting!

Interesting indeed.

Now we just need a sonoff mini zigbee version and we have perfection :slight_smile:

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If we buy them they will make them just order one

I would love a mini with zigbee. Although all the lights in my house are allready switched with shellies/sonoffs.

Wonder if conbee supports it …

OK I bought one, await further info, although it’ll take a while to get here.

I don’t have conbee, but I have zigbee2mqtt.

Hi All

Can confirm Sonoff Zigbee Basiczbr3 works well with home assistant.
running a Conbee II, but no meshing as of yet.


Is it possible to add it is as a switch instead of a light?

I just used a template switch in HA and ignore the light entity

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Yea, but than all.lights still triggers it.

I actually created all my groups on Phoscon so my all_lights group only has the lights and I have an all_switches group with just switches

EDIT - ah I see you mean the all lights group in HA ?

And there it is:
I got one before it got out of stock. It’s working with zigbee2mqtt (see In HA I’m having some minor issues with toggling the switch which I don’t know are related to the device.