New Sonos Five Question

I just picked up my Sonos Five today!! Sounds great and was happy to get rid of the Alexa [out of sync] group that sounded terrible LOL
Just trying to figure out the Media part…[custom-sonos-card]… I have a bunch of tiny buttons that have a letter or number in them… anyone have an example of how to ‘adjust’ these to look better?

Thank you

You should probably post in the thread for that custom card to get support for it.

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Better answer just use something else… Documentation is so lacking on so many things… I have ZERO clue how anyone new can figure out most things…

I hear you.

I had the advantage of starting fairly early (around version .35 I think) and had the ability to grow along with HA.

The UI has made the entry of new users a bit easier for common/basic stuff but when they start to do much more advanced stuff then they lack a lot of the background info to try to figure out how to do that.

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Well I’m getting it slowly but surely but WOW… I was pointed to documentation that no longer works the other day LOL Thank GOD someone has mercy on me and showed me how it’s supposed to be done.
But if not for some really great people here… I don’t see how a novice could ever get this. When I ask a question I try to remember to post the final results [code] so if a new person was looking for it they could find a working example.

I finally figured out the Sonos card LOL Just 30 minutes ago :slight_smile: It’s working and I’m happy. But Thank you for your input… I didn’t realize I had posted in the wrong place!!! Probably why no one was answering LOL

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If you figure out stuff that are wrong with documentation you can contribute proper information back to help other new users

Trust me … I post my results generally when I get something to work… Had a guy the other day after I posted something that I got working yesterday and he came back with a condensed corrected version that worked even better… Great example and I’m very grateful for his help…

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That’s awesome!

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