New to HA - Need Help with Automation of Nest Thermostat

I am an eisy user that is brand new to HA and need some basic help. I have my eisy and Nest thermostats integrated into HA and working. I want to add an automation to adjust the thermostats based on a time and a condition of an isy variable. Can someone help me get started. I have created the automation, set the time as a condition.

I add an “And if” condition and select my Numeric State variable as the entity. Then I am lost. Which settings do I choose to say if the variable = 1?

Then for the action, I want to set both the upper and lower temp on the Nest and have it in auto mode.

Settings > Automations & Scenes > Click the automation > Three-dot menu on upper right > Edit in YAML > Copy the automation text and post it here so that we know what you are doing. Remember to post the config with formatting (enclosed in three backticks or use the </> formatting item).

Ultimately, I think the thing I do not know how to do is to set up the variable as a condition. If I want to run an action based on the variable equalling 1, what attribute, state, and time duration should I be selecting. It is not very intuitive.

Might be making a little more progress. Any feedback on this? What I really want to do is put the Nest in auto mode and set a low range and high range temperature.

alias: Thermostat-Kids.Home
description: “”

  • platform: time
    at: “23:05:00”
  • condition: state
    entity_id: number.ha_kidhome
    state: “1”
    hours: 0
    minutes: 0
    seconds: 0
  • service: climate.set_temperature
    metadata: {}
    temperature: 72
    hvac_mode: heat_cool
    entity_id: climate.back_hallway
    mode: single

A little more info. I realized I was also having an issue with the Nest integration. Had to switch to Production and reauthorize. Once I did that, I seem to have the automation running if I select ONLY cool mode or heat mode. But not sure how to set the upper and lower temps in heat/cool mode.