New types of sensors for Google Home

As we can see in the documentation (, Home Assistant supports exposing: * sensor (temperature setting for temperature sensors and humidity setting for humidity sensors)

That is because some time ago only those two types of sensors were allowed by the Google Assistant.

As I can see in the Google’s documentation: there are now many other types that HASS can expose, for example:

  • air quality
  • carbon dioxide
  • lifetime

I think those would be great to be added to ask Google:
“Hey google, what’s the current level of the CO2 in my room?”
“Okay google, what’s current air quality in the sleeping room?”

One year later?

Is this even possible ?

It would be neat to include extended devices like dishwasher/washing machine/fridge etc.
It should be possible because connecting GA account with cloud system like SmartThings adds device like this without problems.

I guess much more people need to upvote this feature to be implemented.

Just TTS what you want google to respond with.
Create a routine in Google Assistant with a custom phrase that then activates a script or sets a boolean in Home Assistant.

It’s not perfect but until the day you can ask about anything in HA it’s a good way to get it done.

TTS is the worst outcome for me :wink:

  1. It stops what’s already playing and I use Spotify integration often
  2. You have to manually create exact commands/routines to invoke the response, but using native Google devices it would be much more “natural” (you could say “what is the current CO2 level in the living room” or “tell me CO2 level from the living room” etc., google would understand). This is critical for me because my family members do not like to remember the exact phrases.
  3. As far as I remember, you can’t respond to the same google home speaker that was questioned using TTS?

It’s possible, but I haven’t implemented it myself.

According to the 2021.12.8 release notes (Release 2021.12.8 · home-assistant/core · GitHub) there was a change in Google Assistant integration: Fix CO/CO2 sensors mixup in Google Assistant by ryborg · Pull Request #63152 · home-assistant/core · GitHub which fixed the class name for the CO2/CO level. The comments are suggesting that exposing those sensors should work properly and so I checked it - and, in fact, it exposed CO2 level, GA was answering it correctly. I guess the documentation is stale, because it sugessts that only humidity and temp sensors are working.

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Interesting… It’s not working for me after I caught the problem! Not sure what I’ve done wrong.

Yeah, I can confirm that it does not work anymore - I don’t really know what changed, but now google just - instead of answering me - is telling me random results from Google search. I still have it in Google Home as a sensor, though.

I believe the way Google interpret our commands is what is changing.

I had the same issue with a command I used IFTTT with to capture a variable.
I had a routine to activate it and it worked fine for a while, then it changes to her speaking of other things.
I changed the routine and it worked again for a while, then something made it stop working again.

I don’t know if I’m being cynical or what but perhaps that is a strategy to keep people with Google products and Google commands only.
“Because that always works”.

Hi, wondering if this is something that is related here. I have HA and integrated with GA. Works no problem, GA sees sensors by HA and I can voice command to ask there latest state.

Problem is, it doesn;t show ALL the sensors that I want to voice command. Such sensors are live and active and logging in HA starting with entity sensor.X.

For example, in my google configuration file on HA, I have this:

  - sensor
  - binary_sensor

and I even went further, by calling out the specific sensor by this:

    expose: true

Even after resyncing all devices in GA, the sensor does not show up.

So, why is that some sensors show up, and those don’t?

It is entirely possible that the sensor is not completely configured by class/type…but if that is the case, how do I actualy confiure then attributes to the sensor so that it can show up on GA?


Here you can find all sensor types supported currently by google assistant: Actions on Google Smart Home  |  Google Developers

It is worth noting that not all of them are supported by home assistant - and this thread is when place to vote adding the support :slight_smile:

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Another vote of encouragement for this feature. I recently added an Air Quality sensor, was hoping to get it available through google assistant, but found that it’s not supported by HA – which in turn led me to this thread.

The google documentation at Cloud-to-cloud  |  Google Home Developers specifically mentions AirQuality with values of “Healthy,” “Moderate,” “Unhealthy,” etc. which is exactly what I was hoping for.