New user trying to learn Home Assistants limits

Pretty new to this and this looks daunting to configure and setup. So far I just got the emulated_hue bridge up so that I could connect my google home to turn on a few switches by voice.

I’m hoping to get more things going but am wondering what limitations there are. I previously used HA-Bridge which had a direct Logitech Hub to Hue emulated device. This was nice because I could then use google home to turn on/off random IR devices in my home.

I enabled the Logitech Hub integration but beyond just installing the pip wheel, I am a bit clueless on how I can tie this into an emulated Hue device so that I can use google home to control it. Is that even possible with HA?

I saw something in the latest release blog that emulated hue would work with Google home. Also saw something about it on HASS github. Great places to read more :slight_smile: