Newbe: No Ip address in Virtual box


I am stuck, spend 2 complete days now to get HA working on my PC.

I followed instructions from this website/saw helpfull Youtubes. But no luck for me.
I have the feeling it is something between my Windows 10 and virtual box.
Tried with ethernet and with wifi.

Main problem: I do not get an Ip in the VirtualBox environment.

In VB i use the bridged adapter and have selected the same adpater as my windows
Promiscues mode is set to all and on sytem tab EFI is enabled.

My adpter is from Realteck gaming.

Any suggestions how to proceed would be apreciated.

BTW : VB is running! only issue is it has no IP. (Root->Login->ip address command)


I think I’m having the same issue. Did you solve this?