Newbe Question! - Where is the command line?

Two things

1: Where is the command line??..When I connect the pi to a monitor all I get is black on black…
2: How can I configure SSH server?? There seem only to be a start/stop/uninstall …

Thanks !!

  1. You have to boot it with the monitor connected, but the command line is minimal
  2. Install the add-on

Thanks, I will give that a try. All packages require command line cfg… and I had none :upside_down_face:

??? No they don’t… is going to disappoint you if you try to use a command line… uses addons…


Integration configuration often requires that you edit files (but not always), but that’s not command line configuration.

If you’re looking to install operating system packages, well, bad news :wink: HassOS doesn’t support that, that’s what add-ons are for.

You are aware that (assuming you are running on a pi) that these systems run headless ?
ie you run the interface from a (network) connected computer/tablet/phone

Find the ethernet address of the newly created device and connect via (note the port number, but the ip will be whatever your dhch server assigns)

I found the error!
Everything I have seen referred too is this lower part of the config screen. That was not obvious to me…It looked just like the manual.