Newbie Issue: Aqara button only switches some items in group

Hey everybody. Long time lurker, first time poster.

I’m trying to set it up so that my two year-old can drive us crazy by controlling all of our inside Christmas lights with an Aqara Wireless Mini Switch. It’s connected through a Aqara M2 hub and uses Zigbee2MQTT. I have four smart plugs using the Tuya integration. They’re in a group called “switch.inside_christmas_lights”.

I can go to the helpers page and toggle the switch there, and all four plugs come on and go off together. But when I make an automation for the Aqara button to toggle the group, any random number of the lights come on or go off, but never all of them.

I’ve tried using “toggle” and also set them to come on with a single click and go off with a double click. Both got the same results. I even made an if/then, where if Switch one was off, turn them on, and if it’s on, turn them off. That got the same results.

Any idea of what dumb thing I’m doing?