Newbie needs Help - Notification when Netatmo Temperature Outside is lower than Inside


i am new to home assistant, so i apology in advance for my question:

How can i do it to get an notification if the Temperature from one Netatmo Sensor (outside) is lower than a Netatmo Sensor inside?

I tried it but i can only set a temperature threashold or i am too stupid.

any help is welcome!

In the UI, under Helpers, Template, create a Template Binary Sensor with a state template of:

{{ states('sensor.outside_sensor')|float(0) <
   states('sensor.inside_sensor')|float(0) }}

substituting in the correct entity IDs for your sensors (in future, please include them in your posts). Should look like this with your entity IDs:

Then create an automation (Create Automation. Create New Automation):

When / Add Trigger / Entity / State

Select your entity, set the To box to On, leave everything else blank

Then set up the notification you want. Should look like this but with your notification setup:

That will send a notification whenever the binary sensor turns on — that is, every time a new sensor reading makes the criterion true when it was previously false.

You might find as temperatures fluctuate that you get a few notifications in quick succession. See how it goes and we can work around any issues that arise.

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Wow, i created everything, now i am excited if it works :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for helping me out!

I will report later how its going :slight_smile:

Thanks, everything works well!

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