Newbie trying to decide

So I’ve pulled all my prewire cables in my new home. Would like to have scenes, automaton etc for lights, audio, cameras, blinds etc, I’d like to go with HA but I’m worried that it’s not so user friendly and I may have trouble if I have to writes codes or crazy confusing logic etc. is that the case? Thanks

Your definition of “user friendly” may vary from that of others, there is definitely a learning curve involved, and there are many ways to implement HA from an infrastructure perspective.

I am using a Linux server with Docker, if you are comfortable with that, HA will not be “trouble” once you have passed the learning curve.

There is also the issue that HA is in a constant state of development, it is alpha software, and some people get into it thinking it is a replacement for something like HomeWorks QS, which it is NOT… but if you know what you are doing and you are willing to put the learning and work in, it can save you the equivalent of like, 20 grand in automation hardware and installation.

I just did a wiring retrofit job in my house, and with the time/effort/supplies it took, I would have charged someone 10 grand to do the same thing

Will HA work with Lutron Casetta switches?

The nature of your question and concerns suggests you may not understand Home Assistant’s target audience.

It’s for home automation hobbyists. That means people who enjoy, or at least are willing to invest their free time, learning about Home Assistant and how it can automate their home. The process requires a significant amount of independent reading, learning, and experimentation. In other words, it will consume quite a bit of your time.

The very core of automating one’s home involves creating automation logic (“rules”). You should examine some of the many automations posted in this forum (and in the Cookbook) and decide if you are comfortable with it. If not, then I recommend you explore other products that may be a better fit for you. For example, perhaps a product like Hubitat Elevation meets your needs (a home automation hub).

As for Lutron Caseta, yes, there’s an integration for it. All official integrations are listed here:

i am using Caseta devices via the Smart Bridge Pro, which is different from the regular bridge you will find for sale on store shelves.

it is designed for local integration using telnet and uses a custom integration. The regular bridge requires an encrypted connection on port 8081 with a byzantine setup procedure. Also the pro integration lets you use pico remotes to do anything you want since it reports the button press to HA as an event, I do not think the regular integration does that.