Newbie with Home Assistant Core

Hi all,
I first installed a couple of years ago and for whatever reason - sort of let my interest fade. Recently got the bug again. This time I had some issue with and ended up installing Home Assistant Core. That worked fine - and I got the configuration started and a few easy automations set up. But the more I work with Core I see that I don’t really have access to addons or the store. As I follow the docs I often see the note that ‘addons dont work with Core - but you can manually add’. However I can’f find that documentation.

Case in point is Home Assistant Google Drive Backup. I’d really like to add that - but it seems to assume you have

I’m wondering if I should just start over and install (but even in that case- I’d love to initialize it with the configuration that I’ve already done on Core). Or i don;t mind staying in Core (I can get into the virtual environment via ssh easily enough) - but I’m unclear how to do addons from the CLI?

Any thoughts or recommendations are greatly apprecaited.


Hassio as a name is dead. There is Home assistant core, home assistant container, home assistant supervised, and home assistant OS. Supervisor is the one you want if you want to install add ons. Core and container require you to install the software your self and connect it to your HA instance manually through integrations.

You dont do ‘addons from the CLI’, you just find package through whatever your package manager is (e.g. apt) and install/configure it yourself, the same way you’d do it on Linux if you werent using HA.

E.g. Not being overly familiar with what ‘Google Drive Backup’ is used for within HA, you just look up how to install Google Drive Backup for linux and install it yourself. e.g.

Presumably its to backup up your HA configuration into Google Drive? Therefore you’d just install and configure Google Drive to backup your HA config folder to your Google account.

Thanks for replies. I was able to install a back-up solution just using duplicity. It just requires a bit more legwork figuring out where the various config files are located and then setting up a cron job and a way to start/stop HomeAssistant. Certainly doable - though I guess the reason they came up with addons and a store was to save users from having to figure all that out.