NFC tag to use with IPhone Xs, 12 and 13

Hi HA smart fellows,

I’m interested to have NFC working wiith HA so my family can use their Iphone to toggle a light (I need to start somewhere :slight_smile: )
I bought NFC stickers from Amazon and unfortunately I was unable to scan/write them with the IPhone (tried all 3 models). Not sure if I bought the correct ones but now the Q is: which NFC tags/stickers can I buy which will work icm HA and the iPhones.

Thank you

I bought these a couple of years ago. It says “no longer available”, but should give you enough info (this link looks the same).

You probably get what you pay for though - they cost US$1 plus postage for 10. I find they register very reliably, but when reading them, the phone has to be in just the right spot.

Also I’ve only used them with the Shortcuts app (sending info to HA), not the companion app.

I have found tags thats works, but not flawless.
Not sure if the tag is the issue or the iPhone: I have to be really patient to actually get the tag to be red. I hover 1000x with the phone over the tag and if I’m lucky the tag is ‘reckonized’ and an action is performed. This way TAGs are useless :frowning:

Anyone else facing the same issue?