NGINX got raided... what could this mean for HA?

Unsure if this is a good place to put this, but NGINX got raided over IP / ownership claims.

I’m sure while it gets hashed out in the courts, things will continue as usual… but what could it mean down the road for HA users?

Personally I don’t think this will have any effect outside of Russia.

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Since NGINX is open source, if it has any effects it will be forked.

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Good to hear.

Could you elaborate on what you think it could mean? Since NGINX has nothing to do with HA…I don’t see how this is relevant

I’m sure I’m not the only one who uses the NGINX addon…

But the add-on will still continue to work, and has literally nothing to do with Home Assistant.

Nothing will happen, it’s owned by F5 and not run out of Russia.

EDIT: Just got this…

On December 12, law enforcement officials came to the Moscow office of NGINX (acquired by F5 Networks earlier this year) apparently seeking evidence related to an intellectual property dispute, to which F5 is currently not a party. The officers had a warrant, and we are still working to confirm the full nature of the investigation. NGINX cofounders Igor Sysoev and Maxim Konovalov were interviewed by law enforcement officials, but no employees have been arrested or are currently detained. F5 fully supports our employees and we believe these claims against them do not have merit.

Promptly following the event we took measures to ensure the security of our master software builds for NGINX, NGINX Plus, NGINX WAF and NGINX Unit—all of which are stored on servers outside of Russia. No other products are developed within Russia. F5 remains committed to innovating with NGINX, NGINX Plus, NGINX WAF and NGINX Unit, and we will continue to provide the best-in-class support you’ve come to expect.

We will keep you updated on developments, as appropriate, and please reach out if you have further questions.