Nginx reverse proxy on Verizon Home 5G passthrough network

Hey all, I posted this originally on reddit and only got one reply saying not possible; the ISP is likely cgnat’d. Well yesterday I was messing around a bit with my router settings and I noticed I was able to (successfully) setup remote access to my router and could hit its login page using my dynamic DNS hostname on port 443. I also noticed there were a few other ports forwarded in the router config (4567, 4577) that I’m assuming Verizon has added. I was able to connect to these ports also. So I think that reddit person may have been wrong.

The problem I think I’m experiencing is that my ISP router on the 192.x network can’t forward ports to my personal router on my 10.x network. I had this remote access working fine when I used CenturyLink DSL and set their router in bridged mode, but with Verizon 5G Home they only support passthrough which I’m not as familiar with.

Does anybody have experience in this space that could lend a hand? Or any other suggestions for free remote access? I’m about ready to pay for the Nabu Casa subscription, but just wanted to check here first to see what’s possible. Thanks!

@bendezium you wrote on Reddit link an Update as follows - is it all good still and this is continuing to work for you no problem?
UPDATE: This has been working fine for me for a few weeks now. There wasn’t any special configuration needed. I believe the issue is that the router provided by Verizon doesn’t allow loopback; I can’t load the site using the public IP from my private network. After forwarding the correct ports from the Verizon router to my Dream Machine. I can load my stuff fine if on a different network.

The Dream Machine of course needs those same ports forwarded to nginx, but this was already setup for me from when I was on my previous ISP.

yah it worked perfect! LMK if there are questions. It might be better to reach out on Reddit because I check that more.