NGINX: unauthorized ipv6 address being logged (and a few questions)

started using Nginx yesterday, and got most things working, though still feeling terribly insecure using http traffic locally. is this really secure, considering all add-ons and other integrations being installed now are able to see unencrypted traffic?

I have 1 issue being logged, and I don’t understand it:

Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from fe80::1886:d980:2b88:46a6 (fe80::1886:d980:2b88:46a6). See the log for details.

I believe this to be a ipv6 IP address? never seen it before so no idea how to start debugging this. I dont think I have enabled Ipv6 anywhere, so wonder how this can be logged in the first place?


reason I installed NGINX in the first place is to have the IOS app connect locally over the network without issues. I had done so with the split brain option using Adguard too. Is there any fundamental difference between the 2? Should I still use AdGuard for anything now I am using Nginx?

As you can see, a true Nginx noob, so please be gentle…

fwiw, my router disabled ipv6 (as it has always been)…

please have a look? thanks