Nibe S1255 activating modbus issues

Hi all, we have a Nibe S1255 heatpump that I had integrated in my HA via the Nibe Heatpump Integration. I had no trouble activating the modbus in the heatpump configuration, and I could see some values in HA.
Now the last few days it has gotten hot outside, but the passive cooling hasn’t been doing anything. I have called the installers about this, and they say “If you have modbus activated, you have to configure everything via that, and you cannot use the automatic settings for cooling”.

I don’t really want to use the modbus connection in such a complicated way. I would like to use modbus to

  • Read all sorts of data (indoor/outdoor temperature, current temperature of the hot water, energy usage, whatever is accessible)
  • Do a few small things to improve our solar energy utilisations, mainly change the level of hot water requested (low/medium/high), or activate the “more hot water” feature.

If I would re-enable the modbus connection and use the sensors and such provided by the existing integration, I feel like I can do what I want, but I now turned it off to allow the cooling to work…

Does anyone have experience with this interference? Should I avoid using the existing integration because it does “too much”, and only read/write the registers that I actually want to use? Is my installer right, and can I not use modbus unless I want to do a whole lot more manual configuration/automation?
I hope some of you can help, otherwise I’ll try to contact Nibe support :wink: