Nmap doesn't create usable entities

I’ve moved my HA instance from my current RPi4 to an Intel mini PC, specifically, into a Proxmox VM. The HAOS instance appears properly on the main network, and almost everything works fine.

Except for Nmap based device tracking, which I use to determine if my flat is empty or not, to automate some power saving mechanisms.

Nmap worked fine on the Pi4, but on this VM, it’s only creating disabled entities - except for a handful of devices that have other integrations detect them (e.g. Sonos speakers, Apple TV). Everything else ends up in a disabled state, and cannot be used as active device trackers.

Is this a known issue? I’m not doing anything different in the Nmap setup compared to the Pi install, besides running it in a VM (with a bridged network interface) instead of directly on the hardware.

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Same issue here, I am using the docker solution to host HA on Raspberry Pi. When nmap detects the devices, they end up as disabled entities. I also experienced similar; an existing device was detected (konnected device).