Nmap entites & devices


I am currently trying to integrate device tracking of my phone when it’s connected to the local network through wifi. I have assigned a static ip to the phone and installed nmap_tracker to detect it.
Nmap detects properly all the connections to the network: phones, cameras, laptops, etc, but they are listed in the “entities” tab, not in devices.

I have first tried to add my Huawei as a device with no luck. I have enabled the phone in the “entities” tab but it doesn’t appear in the devices tab, therefore I can’t use it as a device during automations creation.

I have read documentation regarding 2022.2 version and it states “As of today, by default, only device tracker entities that match up with an existing - known by Home Assistant - device will be enabled by default. This keeps Home Assistant nice and tidy. If Home Assistant does not know the device, but you still would like to track a specific one, that is still possible. In that case, you can enable the particular device tracker entities you’d like to have.”

How is this done? I have enabled the device in the UI “entities” tab but I can’t see it in devices.

What am I missing?

Thank you

did you install the companion app? That should do the trick and would also allow you to share the wifi sensor which it is connected to, no need for fix IP then

Home Assistant Companion Docs | Home Assistant Companion Docs (home-assistant.io)

I have already tested it with this an it works, but I don’t want to have the app installed in all phones.

Why do you need it to be a device for automations? Why not use the entity to trigger your automation?

Or associate the entity with a person and use the person state for the automation, or the state of zone.home which will be the number of persons within the zone.

Hi @eggman, I didn’t know you could use entities as triggers. It’s under “State” option in the UI.

After some search, I have found some examples and now my automation looks like this:

- id: '1668625159034'
  alias: 'Person crossed door'
  - platform: zone
      - person.me
    zone: zone.home
    event: enter
  - platform: zone
      - person.me
    zone: zone.home
    event: leave
  condition: []
  - service: notify.ha_telegram_bot
      message: 'there was some movement'
      target: -telegram_group_id
  mode: single

The problem is that it doesn’t seem to be triggered. I have tested telegram service and it works properly. If I de/activate wifi, it displays properly in the nmap tracker entity info history as home/unavailable, but the event is not triggered. I haev noticed that when home assistant is off, entity is marked as away.

What am I missing here?

Thanks for all your help.