NMAP: Which device is which?

Hi, new to HA. Running it on a Raspberry Pi 3 and just messing around so far until I move into a real house.

I’m trying to figure out Nmap presence detection. It seems that what should be showing is an IP address or MAC address or something. What shows up at the top of the States page, however, are mostly 12-digit hex numbers like these:


I don’t think they are MAC addresses because they don’t match the MAC addresses of any other devices I can find.

Does anyone know what these numbers are, how I can show plain old IPs or MACs so I can assign friendly names to them?

Use something like WNetWatcher of Fing to get the hostnames of the devices. Then you can add the friendly names to known_devices

Try logging into your router and they should show up as a connected device. Note that unless you have it configured not do so it will create a device tracker for anything that connects to your network within the specified IP range.

If you don’t know what they are and aren’t using them, delete them and see if they come back. Also, if you check your known_devices.yaml file the later releases of HA show the vendor name for the device, sometime helps you to figure it out when it tells you the make of the device.

I use advance port scanner and map my network - it takes a while to do the entire range, but not only do you end up with IP to hostnames but also mac addresses (which NMap uses and displays) as well as a list of all the ports open on each device and what they do. And it’s FREE!

Super easy to use and you can save the maps so you don’t have to rescan each time you want to look something up.

Plus it can help you find open ports on your devices you might not have known about.


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I have found that they are in fact mac addresses. Thanks for telling me about known_devices. That actually helps a lot. (Apparently there’s an iPhone on my network. Had no idea.)

I also forgot to mention that I only run Linux, so I don’t have much use for Windows-only applications, unfortunately.

Thanks for the help!

Take a look at Zenmap then - multiplatform, works on Linux and is similar to Advanced Port Scanner.


Got a related Q, the friendly name dosent seem to stick with the name: command. The entity still shows up as a mac adress 6s57edd92… Any clue to why this is not working? :confused: