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I run hassio on a odroid n2, but after upgrading to v.4.6 it doesnt complete the boot and isnt reachable on my network. And the error message in the subject repeats again and again on its attached monitor.
I have actually had the problem since v. 4.4. I have just waited for an update and reinstalled v. 4.5 and 4.6 and the latest experiment was to install v.4.3 which works fine, but the moment i upgrade to v.4.6 the problem occurs again.

Somewhere in this forum i found a post wich somebody having the same problem: Subject: “Odroid N2 NO BOOT”, but the suggested solution was to buy another emmc writer, but my emmc writer works fine - its something with the boot in the update which dont work. - I use deCONZ as zigbee else its a vanilla Ordroid N2.

Did you ever find a solution? 3 days later and i have a very expensive paper weight or a perfectly function Ubuntu machine but no


Did anybody find a solution?