No builtIn component folder in the homeassistant directory!

after installation oh hass I am editing the yaml file but hass not responding to them
it always says “Invalid config
The following components and platforms could not be set up:”
I found in my directory there is no components folder - the builtin components- in homeassistant directory, any solutions?
by the I updated and reinstalled the hass but no solutions, also I add the components folder from balloob github to my homassistant folder again not worked!

@Sardar Home Assistant configuration is a little odd in some ways. I too was a little confused when there wasn’t a way to add components to a file and then configure automations based on those components. Basically, Home-Assistant discovers your components based on what it finds on the network or attached to your Home-Assistant computer. What components do you have? What is Home-Assistant installed on?

thans for your replay zarthan,
I managed to install hass the on the raspberrypi 3, tested both the all-in-one and the hassbian image, both same problem, and I cant find any component directory in the raspberrypi directories, I think that is why if I add any thing in the yaml file… it just gives me ‘invalid config’ , and if you ask a hardware component…non I just have the raspberrypi for now.

There is no component directory. Once you have your configuration with many components, you can organize things by splitting up your configuration.yaml file and create directories to hold those pieces.
YAML files are based on spacing. Each indent is 2 spaces. There are different levels of indenting. As you begin, you should only be concerned with a single configuration.yaml file. Until you get familiar with the indenting, you will only get confused looking at advanced configuration examples. If you have messed up the configuration.yaml file, just delete it and then restart Home Assistant. It will create a new configuration.yaml file.
What changes are you making to the configuration.yaml file?

the components dir should be in:


in the .homeassistant dir are only custum_components.

@zarthan ALL components are installed, just not added to the yaml. only deps get installed depending on which component you use.

@ReneTode I don’t that is what he is referring to.

I am trying to add some ui to the hass, and taking the yaml example from the site below:

platform: pushbullet
api_key: “o.1234abcd”
name: pushbullet

but it gives me invalid config,
you are saying that all components installed but not added…but when I add any of them to the yamel it gives me invalid config, so what I need to do to add them …am I adding them rong? is it needs something else? could you give me an workable example?

many thanks for your support

Indenting is critical. The example is indented and unless you get the indenting correct, Home Assistant will fail.