No disk space - Can't login (Hyper-V)


I’ve been using for a quite a while on RPi but due to wearing out SD cards I’ve moved over to Hyper-V last week.

Latest release, all updates applied.

I extended the disk at install time to 20gb. I have a few addons like InfluxDB and Grafana but nothing that should be using all that much space.

The problem i have now is that web interface is not responding nor the SMB addon and I can’t log on at the console. I don’t think i have SSH enabled.

Can someone give me a pointer on how i proceed? I have a config backup buts its a few weeks old, plus I’d like to know how to get out of this situation should it happen again! :slight_smile:

boot to a live distro of a usable OS, like ubuntu, and clean the .db file out of the config directory

Thanks…I should have started there :slight_smile: