No HA Mobile/Responsive navigation for some addons?

hmm, am i missing something? seems like any integration (like nzbget and portainer) have no way to show the home assistant menu when in mobile view because they dont have the top bar of HA on their integration. So pretty much any panel that has no top menu wont be able to navigate to any other page once you get to it when in the mobile apps or when in small viewing area. Here is a simple screenshot of just a resize browser window on my desktop (since thats what im posting from) and you can see that there is no longer any type of HA menu. With the mobile apps, there is no back button or any way to get back once you have navigated to any addon or custom panel that doesnt have the top menu/title bar.


Slide your finger in from the left of the screen.

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Well crap, i swear i had tried that. Obviously that will only solve the issue for touch displays, but that should cover most situations. Thanks!