No history, no logbook

Since some days/weeks (I don’t know exactly) I’ve no data in the history nor in the logbook :dizzy_face:.
I didn’t change anything, in the configuartion.yaml the default_config: is still existing.
Any idea what happened and how I can fix this?

Does your system log (Configuration / Logs ) show any database errors?

Thanks for fast reply! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I find this two entries in the log:

That’s normal.

So you did a update
This might take a while. Depends how big your database is

Yeah but not:

I was for a longer time not in my HA Installation for config or updates, because everthing has run as excpected. Now I saw the update for Core, Supervisor and Host.
I did it just before checking the log.

After the updates, history and log are available since the time of update :man_shrugging: