No login anymore to porscheconnect in HA

I used the ha-porscheconnect for several month for my Taycan. I was happy with this integration. Now I cannot login anymore. My credentials are ok, because APP for IOS and Android are running fine. Also login to the web- page is fine. The only thing I can see is, that the web- page looks different, but I can log in.
The Home- Assistant did not show any erros. I installed again, added the Integration, restartet HA and try to login. It only shows “! connect” with red background.

Can someone help me to reactive porscheconnect as before ?
Many thanks

Ich habe genau das gleiche Problem und bis jetzt keine Lösung gefunden.
Wäre toll wenn jemand etwas dazu sagen könnte.

Auch das letzte Update brachte keine Lösung. :frowning:

My problem is now solved with newest update V0.0.17


No change.
I can try whatever I want. Error message remains.
No login possible
Error: “connect”