No remote mqtt conection

Hi all.

I have a second rpi running in my house just playing. I added the HASSIO mqtt broker to it. Using Statestream I have a couple of switches etc feeding data to it. It appears to be working with no errors etc and I see that it saves the memry to db every now and then in the log.

From my main area on my pc I can telnet into the port 1883 so its visible etc.

On my main RPi I didnt install any broker. But enabled mqtt in the configuration file like

Broker :

etc etc.

However I never see any connection from that machine in the remote broker file. It doesnt seem to try and connect. I can see the local HASSIO MQTT on the rpi with the broker installed connecting but nothing from my other one.

Have I messed something?

We have an update. I SSHéd into my main rpi and tried to connect across the network using ```
mosquitto_sub -h -v -t “home-assistant/#” which is the broker running on my second pi. Yep that works. I see all messages it is wring to the broker on it.

So I tried using statestream on my main one. It doesnt try and connect to the remote machine. I dont have a broker insatlled on my main machine at all. Just using the mqtt: partr in the confic file with the address to the broker

A lot of your post makes no sense. For example:

Anyway, on your HA machine, just specifying a MQTT broker is only the first part. You also need to set up an MQTT sensor or switch or something.

Thanks Nickrout.

My broker (server) is on my remote Hassio rpi unit. One that one I also use
base_topic: homeassistant
publish_attributes: true
publish_timestamps: true

and it works no probs. Writes data to the broker on that RPI.

So in the main RPI/HASSIO I didnt install the broker part and jaust added
port: 1883
username: testuser
password: mypw
client_id: mainhassio

    base_topic: homeassistant1
    publish_attributes: true
    publish_timestamps: true  

and it dosnt send any data etc to the first unit

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Sorry to waste your time. Dont worry about it

why not just fix your post?

Because “its a matter of principle”

a matter of principle not to post properly? Odd.

Come on… you ask for help and all @nickrout ask you to do is fix your post so it’s more easy to find the cause of problem you’re facing.