No Supervisor - Running Virtualbox and Home Assistant OS

I haven’t looked at my HA box for a year or so but after damaging my Zwave USB stick I had to jump in and install a new stick and that is where my issues started. When trying to install the new stick I discovered that I no longer have Supervisor. I looked under the Add-Ons section and no luck (and I don’t see all my add-ons either btw!..looks like Community Ad-Ons are missing). I went through a number of updates and believe I am on the latest code but still no luck. I even went as far as installing a new clean VM machine/HA instance and even that new machine does not have Supervisor. Any thoughts?

Home Assistant Core 2022.5.4
Home Assistant Supervisor 2022.05.2
Home Assistant OS 7.6
Kernel version 5.10.108
Agent version 1.2.1

Have you read this: 2021.12: New configuration menu, the button entity, and gorgeous area cards! - Home Assistant ( (direct Link to Configuration Menu Changes)

Thx for the reply Nathan…My menu just says “Add-Ons”…it does NOT say “Add-On’s, Backups & Supervisor”.
My Settings also is a different in some other ways…I do not have “Blueprints”, I do not have “Energy”, my menu just says “People” and NOT “People & Zones”, I do not have “Settings” and I DO have “System” and “About”

Hmm - do you have default config in your configuration?

How would I check this? I did find this review of the new menu’s and his description sounds like my menu layout…The NEW Settings Menu in Home Assistant versus the Old Configuration menu - COMPARISON — smarthomejunkie

I think I am good. His explanation seems to align with what I am seeing.

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